SMXLib: NOT Secure Message eXchange

We have Taken Over the "SMX" project @

If you are looking for SMXLib by The Internet Factory, this is no longer the place. When I started developing a web based interface to GPG/PGP, the beast name I could come up with was "SMX: Secure Message eXchange". I immediately did a Google search and found no relevant results for "SMX". Finding that, I decided to register the project "smx" on SourceForge.Net. Upon trying this, I found that the name "SMX" was already taken by a project that hadn't had any activity in over two years.

I have therefore taken over the "smx" name, but not the smx project itself! I have no idea what the old, stagnant "smx" project was... I think it was some sort of interpreted web scripting language. I was unable to contact the developers, as was the SourceForge.Net team. Therefore, I now own the smx project on SourceForge.

If, for some reason, you are looking for the old SMX project (possibly known as SMXLib or qlib), I have made a copy of their (2+ year old) CVS tree. You can download that here. (in .tar.bz2 format, as a CVS Root TarBall). Unfortunately I do not have any more information regarding that project, but I'd be happy to try and help -- just contact me.


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