SMX: Secure Message eXchange

Please bear with me as I try to not only write the software but also publish documentation on SourceForge.

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NOTE: If you are looking for SMXLib by The Internet Factory, this is no longer the place. Their project on SourceForge has been dropped. Please see this page.


Secure Message eXchange (SMX) is a web-based interface to PGP/GPG, allowing users to create PGP/GPG keys, encrypt, sign, view, and exchange messages. Ideal for password storage or exchange of other sensitive information.

This software requires PHP, MySQL, and GnuPG (GPG). It is designed to be run on Linux with Apache, but should run on any system that supports PHP, MySQL, GPG, and named pipes. (Any *nix system should be fine out of the box. Support for Windows may be tested/developed later. Other database support will be added later.)

To use, individuals first register, creating a set of public/secret keys which are stored on the webserver. The secret key is protected by a password generated when the individual creates their account. (This is a known weakpoint in the system).

Once registered, users may create "messages", or small text documents, to be encrypted with GPG. When a user creates a message, they are given the option to choose which other users of the site may view/edit the message. This selection determines what recipients are passed to GPG, and thereby whose public keys are used to encrypt the message.

SMX is currently Alpha quality software -- meaning that it works, mostly... but some major features are missing and it needs a lot of thorough testing.


SMX Is Developed and Maintained by Joshua Gitlin.

View the demo on (this is a live development site so don't use it for important data or expect it to be up and working all the time!!!)

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